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University Police and Campus Safety
University of Mississippi

Campus Alerts

The University of Mississippi Police Department strives to promote a safe environment in which to live, learn and work. The men and women of UPD aim to provide the highest quality law enforcement services to the Ole Miss Community.

notifications related to the Clery Act are issued in the following ways:


The REBALERT System is activated in immediate emergency situations including certain criminal incidents, severe weather or an imminent threat to campus. You may receive telephone calls, emails and text (SMS) messages sent simultaneously to the campus community.

Timely Warnings

If a serious or unique crime occurs on our campus and the possibility of a continuing threat to the campus remains, you will receive a Timely Warning via email. Timely Warnings provide our campus community a timely notification of crimes that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes and enable people to protect themselves and heighten their safety awareness.

Crime Alerts

While not required by the Clery Act for timely warnings, some incidents that happen off-campus may still warrant campus notification. Crime Alerts may be sent via email for off-campus incidents that could still potentially impact you or the campus community.