University Police and Campus Safety

University of Mississippi

Police Services


UPD officers provide coverage 365 days-24 hours-7 days. Patrol officers are assigned to one of the four regular patrol shifts. Officers are assigned to a particular twelve-hour shift in which they work on a rotating basis. Usually officers will be assigned to a particular shift until it is decided that a transfer to another shift is needed for the benefit of the department either due to a shortage of manpower or for the enrichment and development of an individual officer. Officers are required to work overtime primarily due to home football and basketball games, concerts, Greek functions, and other special events.
The department also has a Bicycle Patrol Unit and a Motorcycle Patrol Unit. Officers must attend special certified training in order to serve in these units. Both units are utilized on a regular basis to patrol campus. Each unit also supports the efforts to facilitate athletic events, parades, concerts, and the like. Officers in these units wear special uniforms while performing the patrol functions.


Administrative Services


The University of Mississippi Police Department offers fingerprinting services to University of Mississippi Students, Faculty and Staff and Local Community.

” The service is offered for a fee of $12.00 per card cash or check only for University students, faculty and staff.
” The service offered to non-university affiliation is $27.00 cash, Mastercard, Visa or check.
” The hours of operation for this service are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. this service is not available when the University is officially closed.
” The department asks that those individuals needing to be fingerprinted must bring your own fingerprint card. The University of Mississippi Police Department does not keep a supply of the many different fingerprint cards that are currently being utilized.
” All persons being fingerprinted also must have valid form of ID available for officer’s inspection and verification prior to being fingerprinted.
” The availability of this service may be affected by emergency calls for service to the University of Mississippi Police Department. If officers are unavailable due to the necessity to respond to other needs of the community, you will be asked to come back at a later date.
” If there are any questions or further information be needed please feel free to contact the University of Mississippi Police Department at 662-915-7234.

Requesting Copy of Reports

Requests for UPD Incident Reports or Mississippi Uniform Crash Reports by persons involved generally will be processed when the investigation is completed. Normally this will require one to two working days.
An individual seeking to obtain a report from UPD needs to come to Police Services in Kinard Hall Wing-C with a pictured ID. A request for information form must be completed in our office by the person requesting the report.
UPD is committed to complying with all state and federal laws pertaining to the release of public records, without undue delay. But realizes under certain circumstances the premature release of records may have an impact on victims, witnesses and the integrity of investigations. A request for any UPD report may be delayed and information of a personal nature may be withheld or redacted.
To request a copy of a report or ask other related questions come to UPD KInard Hall Wing -C  or contact UPD Records Unit at (662) 915-7234.

Lost and Found Property

UPD personnel receiving lost or abandoned property will complete a Property Receipt Form
” Include the full name of the person turning the property over to UPD.
” A physical address of the person turning the property over to UPD.
” A telephone number should also be taken. The number taken should include the area code.
” Verify information received by requesting some type of identification from the person turning the property into UPD. A student/staff ID or State Driver’s License are preferred.
” The location and date the property was discovered.
” The date and time the property was received by UPD.
” A description of the property and the name of the officer receiving the property.

” An attempt should be made by the personnel receiving lost/found or abandoned property to locate the owner if identification is attached to the property.
” Property is released to the owner by having the owner sign a Property Release Form.
” Photo identification must be presented before the property is released.