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University Police and Campus Safety
University of Mississippi


UPD officers provide coverage 365 days-24 hours-7 days. Patrol officers are assigned to one of the four regular patrol shifts. Officers are assigned to a particular twelve-hour shift in which they work on a rotating basis. Usually officers will be assigned to a particular shift until it is decided that a transfer to another shift is needed for the benefit of the department either due to a shortage of manpower or for the enrichment and development of an individual officer. Officers are required to work overtime primarily due to home football and basketball games, concerts, Greek functions, and other special events.

The department also has a Bicycle Patrol Unit and a Motorcycle Patrol Unit. Officers must attend special certified training in order to serve in these units. Both units are utilized on a regular basis to patrol campus. Each unit also supports the efforts to facilitate athletic events, parades, concerts, and the like. Officers in these units wear special uniforms while performing the patrol functions.