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University Police and Campus Safety
University of Mississippi

Crime Prevention Presentations

UPD has an active crime prevention program which strives to eliminate or minimize criminal opportunities when possible, and encourage faculty, staff and students to be responsible for their own security and the security of others. Crime prevention presentations are routinely scheduled for campus residents, as well as, faculty and staff groups. Topics generally covered are:

  • Rape and Sexual Assault Risk Reduction
  • Domestic Violence Education
  • Workplace Violence Education
  • Personal Safety
  • Self Defense Techniques
  • Sexual Assault
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Travel Safety
  • Item Identification – Property Protection (this includes information on fraud, personal property and university property)

If you are looking for a topic not listed above, please contact us. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. For further information or scheduling of programs, please call UPD at (662) 915-5747 during regular business hours.

Other educational programs to promote awareness of rape, acquaintance rape, and other sexual offenses are routinely provided by other University departments such as the University Counseling Center, Umatter Violence Prevention and Intervention Office, Student Housing, Dean of Students Office, and Student Health Services,  as well as, the off-campus Family Crisis Services of Northwest Mississippi, Inc. at (662) 234-9929.