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University Police and Campus Safety
University of Mississippi

Copy of Reports

Requests for UPD Incident Reports or Mississippi Uniform Crash Reports by persons involved generally will be processed when the investigation is completed. Normally this will require one to two working days.  An individual seeking to obtain a report from UPD needs to come to Police Services in Kinard Hall – Wing C with a pictured ID. A request for information form must be completed in our office by the person requesting the report.

UPD is committed to complying with all state and federal laws pertaining to the release of public records, without undue delay. But realizes under certain circumstances the premature release of records may have an impact on victims, witnesses and the integrity of investigations. A request for any UPD report may be delayed and information of a personal nature may be withheld or redacted.

To request a copy of a report or ask other related questions come to UPD Kinard Hall – Wing C or contact UPD Records Unit at (662) 915-7234.